Jacquel Says…the first comments

Well, I must say that you people have little to no imagination, because I was cruising the comments section of the blog and all I saw was the following…

Totally wrong. Who cares what Jacquel thinks? Sad but true.

Oh for god’s sake. They might meet their match with ole’ Jacquel – she has even more feeble-minded self-regard for the contentless garbage that she confabulates in what passes for a brain than they do. I’m not holding my breath.

Breaking news: Whatever faults Jacquel might have, at least she’s someone who’s actually done something significant, unlike a lot of the people criticizing her…………..FACT!

Plenty of heat on this one, but it’s time for some light. Jacquel – thanks for injecting a note of adultness into this deliberation. Who will be the one to decide between the anticipated chaos of opinions?

Remarkable. Jacquel might have been sensible once, but this article is a white elephant. If this is all she can produce today it is time for her to quietly retire before she destroys any reputation she may have left. Which planet do these people think they are living on?

One cannot tell a book by its cover. Jacquel wants to blow off steam…Fine….But it’s not newsworthy. Could have been a good pub bore rant if it had looked at the problem seriously rather than making barmy analogies.

Seriously, people. Bit of intelligence might be in order. Jacquel – thanks for injecting a note of backbone into this dialogue. Nice try. But it will not work. Please credit us with a bit more common sense!

Some of the commentators above have adopted the “so what….” approach. Jacquel I really feel for you. World’s gone pointless.

Please let me comment on that. You can’t have your cake and eat it Jacquel – ask the Nazis! Usual media distorting headline.

I don’t want to make this personal, but this is a blog post so shoddy that it should be removed. What makes me more sad than the fact that the replies were made is that Jacquel lacks the moral fortitude and maturity to admit that she was missing the point and that an apology should be forthcoming. Clear?

OMG!!! Are you people really so nicked in the head that you can’t get the simplicity of the blog? You are all a sad pathetic lot who doesn’t know the different between Minecraft and Mineshaft. I hope that God chooses to have mercy on your souls.