Jacquel Says…Just Who is Jacquel Rassenworth?

Woo-hoo! Finally, someone completely understands me! I’m so happy, I could jump for joy!

Anyway, I know my own past, which was the story where I work for a circus and some bullied boy ends up meeting me there. (what’s with me and bullies, anyway? I’ll have that resolved in the next post) Plus, I belonged to someone named Jan Davies, who created a story about me and my adventures in the circus and whatnot.

And that was before some guy called Vance Russo came along and screwed it up.

I mean, what was wrong with that guy? He took my story and completely turned it around and made it into a sobfest, claiming that I had some out-of-body experience and ended up becoming a teen mom. When last I checked, I suffered from depression and had an early death when I was just 13 years old. Plus, Vance’s ripoff of my story spawned several crappy sequels and a piece of filth movie.

Now, who does stuff like that?

And yes, I was very happy when someone came to their senses and pulled the plug on that guy’s writing career.

“And besides, we’re better off seeing her mess up other books anyway.”

Indeed I do love messing with other people’s books. In fact, I shall continue to do so, at the expense of the writers who will try to keep me out.