Just Who is Jacquel Rassenworth?

The first book in the series.

The first book in the series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know the “Jacquel’s Russian History” story is really the property of a fictional author named Jan Davies, who created the story about Jacquel Katherine Nicole Rassenworth and her descent into depression and eventual death when she was just 13 years old, according to the story “Harry Potter Sucks!!! A Novel For Those Who Have Had it With the “Harry Potter” Hype and the Crap that Came From It“.

The story was written in 1994 and published in 1996, a few months after the author’s death.

But bad things happened when a man named Vance Russo decided to “rewrite” Jacquel’s Russian History as a teen fiction / fantasy with Jacquel Rassenworth having some out-of-body experience and ending with her becoming a teen mom.

And when that book came out in 2000, it caused such a huge uproar that it was pulled from bookstores immediately. And to make matters worse, it was turned into an even suckier movie with a terrible cast. And then seven disgusting sequels followed the flop.

Readsy Publishing Company, which published the Jacquel Rassenworth Series, was sued by Justine Davies for plagiarism in 2005. In 2008, the judge found the book publishing company and Mr. Russo guilty of plagiarizing the book and had Mr. Russo’s books and the movie based from the books destroyed. Mr. Russo was given a 10-year writing ban and Readsy was temporarily shut down. That meant millions of books sold had to be confiscated from homes and libraries everywhere and destroyed.

And that’s according to “Harry Potter Sucks!!! A Novel For Those Who Have Had it With the “Harry Potter” Hype and the Crap that Came From It“.

So this means that the story that I have written will be canceled and all the sequels that I had planned for it will die as well.

With a heavy heart, I shall abandon this particular story about Jacquel Rassenworth and find the real story and put that one on Wattpad as well as FictionPress.com and hopefully you’ll see the difference between the two sad stories about one young heroine who clearly needed to get help for her depression, but was ignored by everyone who cared about her until it was too late to save her.

And besides, we’re better off seeing her mess up other books anyway.