Jacquel Rassenworth vs. today’s pop culture (written 9/22/2011)

Following on the heels of her inevitable rebirth, Jacquel Rassenworth has a few things to say about the world we live in today…by using the alphabet, of course!

  • Cartoons: Who watches cartoons anymore?
  • Dubstep music: is that what they’re listening to nowadays?
  • Friday: that’s a song? well, there’s no rule saying that you can’t sing songs about the days of the week.
  • Game of Thrones: Can someone PLEASE explain this to me because I don’t get it.
  • Harry Potter: If I have to hear another word about that stupid whiny brat, I swear I’m going to kill someone!!!
  • Justin Bieber: He’s so cute! Back off, fan-whores, he’s MINE!!
  • Lady Gaga: OK, who seriously listens to her music?
  • Miley Cyrus: One word…SLUT!!!
  • Parody: still the lowest form of entertainment
  • Reality TV shows: What is this crap? And why can’t they just get rid of them?
  • Superhero movies: I’m a girl, so why would I like to see a movie about superheroes?
  • Vampires: Oh so now they’re popular now? Somebody better give me a vampire boyfriend right NOW!!
  • YouTube videos: like does the world really want to see you doing stupid stuff?
Well, not exactly the entire alphabet, but you know how she is! We’ll be back with more reviews and thoughts from her.