How Some Stories Should Have Ended… ~ by FallenRedViolet (written 10/11/2011)

On the Kingsand Cawsand (Murder mystery) Trail

On the Kingsand Cawsand (Murder mystery) Trail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have read some of Claire Violet Thorpe’s stories and found them lacking in volume. In fact, half of them are not as good as she thinks they are. I wonder how some of her stories would have ended if it were someone else writing the story and not her.

Here’s how Jacquel’s Russian History should have ended:

Jacquel Rassenworth is taken to a mental hospital shortly after the fight between her and Sereno. It turns out that Gordon is actually an undercover cop who had been investigating the murders of Brian Mathews, Taylor Cummings, and Christopher Vance, and the evidence of the murders points to Sereno, who is actually a serial child killer who preyed on children who had lost their mothers. Sereno is sentenced to life in prison for the murders.

Well, not as good as I’d like to admit, but it’s better than the ending that we have now. More will come…