I Can’t Stand Jacquel Rassenworth! ~ by CountOmen (written on October 20, 2011)

I can NOT stand Jacquel Rassenworth. AT ALL!! I mean, what is wrong with that girl? First off, her mother is killed in some kind of car accident, and then her whole life just freaking goes downhill from there. In the beginning of the story, she’s “so sad” because her mother is dead. And then the scene changes to her dancing around the room acting like a complete idiot.

That’s not the end of it.

In fact, we see her as who she really is: a stupid girl who lets others boss her around and deprive her of being allowed to live a decent life. I mean, what kind of stupidity is that. If they were dealing with me, I’d them them to back off and then punch them across the face. No one tells me what to do and deprives me of living a good life.

And then guess who she picks up as a friend? Some deformed kid named Gordon, who has 1,000 scabs all over his body. I bet the kid looks like an alien, not that little girl named Pearl. But that’s for another blog post.

So she just goes off with this boy and nobody even thinks to inform her father about where she had gone or who she had been with? In the writer’s words “Either I was stupid or I wanted to get back at society, I walked away with Gordon.” I bet that she was pretty stupid when she listened to Gordon and walked off with him. I bet that Gordon could have been a rapist or child killer and if that were the case, then Jacquel Rassenworth had just walked away with her kidnapper, because in reality, girls who walk off with strange guys often end up raped and murdered.

Oh, but it gets better, as Jacquel’s father, far from being concerned about his daughter’s whereabouts, actually tried to cheer her up by finding some friends for her, but she throws it back in his face by insisting on hanging out with Sereno. Now what kind of stupidity is that?

According to the author,

Sereno had used my mother’s death to control me and keep me away from anyone who would try to help me. I became a sad girl, one who did nothing but sit in a corner and cry my eyes out. No one was able to help me. Not until last year, when Sereno fed me the thought about suicide, and my cousin Jamie found out and told dad. That’s when he decided to put his foot down and forbid me from hanging out with Sereno.

Well, her dad had tried to help her, but she insisted on hanging out with a boy who was trying to push her into an early grave. But this wasn’t over yet.

After a while, Sereno found out about her hanging out with Gordon and he sought to get rid of both of them for good. Some things happen and Jacquel ends up in a mental hospital someplace else. Now, I was rooting for her brother Moses when he asked Sereno “Would you like to burn in hell afterward?”, but even then he was quite useless in saving Jacquel from the abusive boy that she was “best friends” with. In fact, no one was allowed to help her, and that wouldn’t even work in real life, as someone could force Jacquel to get some help with her problems, whether she wanted help or not.

But during the confrontation, I got to see Jacquel stand up to Sereno, and I thought maybe I was wrong about her. She’s taking charge of her life. Pay attention, girls, for this is how you should confront a guy who is hurting you. But just as quickly as girl empowered!Jacquel came, it all ended when Jacquel slapped a girl across her face and Sereno nearly killed her with a blow to the head.

Well, so much for a good story. Too bad it was all canceled.

Maybe the writer was just sick and tired of writing about Jacquel Rassenworth and her sucky life; I would kill her too if I were writing the story.

I bet that the fan fictions about her are probably so much better than the piece of crap that was written about her. Heck, the crossovers with her and other stories are better than what we have now.

So that’s why I can’t stand Jacquel Rassenworth. Feel free to abuse me.