From Victim to Survivor: Rethinking Jacquel Rassenworth~by FrillyXtianWater (9/25/2012)

For a number of years, Jacquel Rassenworth has been either loved or hated by the public. Those who love her often see her as a strong person for standing up for herself despite an abusive person trying to control her life. Those who hate her think her weak and incapable of making her own decisions.

However, I think it’s time for us to rethink Jacquel Rassenworth, not as a weak, helpless girl or as a girl who invades others’ stories. Just as a girl who needs her own story to be told.

Truth be told, Jacquel doesn’t have much of a life story, other than “Wonder Circus” and the defunct series “Jacquel’s Russian History“. Also, in all her stories, she has to deal with the bully known as Sereno Brownstone and run off with a deformed boy named Gordon Renauld. I wonder whatever happened to stories about her, stories that didn’t have Sereno or Gordon in them, and stories that didn’t involve other fandoms?

Where are those stories, anyway?

We will be trying to come up with a good idea of a story for her and making sure that she is in it and not dealing with Sereno or Gordon. Only God knows that that trend needs to stop right now.

Also, we need to stop the trend of Jacquel not having a mother in her life. This trope has been played out in far too many stories and it needs to stop. Even if she gains a stepmother, she should at least have a female figure in her life.

And as for her social interactions, she needs some real friends, not people like Sereno, Tammy, or Gordon. That trope has also been done to the death. Plus, we can’t let her be a “loner”, as that trope has been seen in far too many of her stories.

I really appreciate it if we could just rethink her and the way her story should be going, as the year 2013 is approaching quickly and people are clamouring a decent story about Jacquel Rassenworth. We owe it to them to give out that story about her.