Jacquel Rassenworth and the Soul-Crushing Finale ~ by Kyndon Fall ( December 13, 2012)

Today, we will be looking at the biggest finales for the stories that were created by Claire Violet Thorpe and what happened to make the finale so soul-crushing that most of us had to spend years in therapy.

Warning: the following post will hurt you and ruin your life. Also not recommended for children.

Jacquel’s Russian History

Tagline: Evidently, They Just Couldn’t Handle This Story

Summary: As we all know, Jacquel Rassenworth (the most exposed fictional character on the Internet), is fighting an internal war against her own depression as well as an external war against Sereno Brownstone, a boy who hates her and tries his hardest to keep her isolated from society. And when Jacquel decides to take a stand for herself, she finds herself getting in even more trouble than she had before.

So, what happened? As we all know, Jacquel met a deformed boy named Gordon Renauld and things just go downhill from there.

According to the now defunct story: I had no idea that in the next second, the second I kicked Sereno out of my life, something large and heavy struck me in the head. And I could do nothing else but fall to the floor, never to rise again…


It turns out that Jacquel never really liked Sereno to begin with, and she had turned down offers from him to be friends BEFORE he mentioned her mother’s death, making her feel useless. The author cuts off the story at the point where Jacquel getting whacked in the head, leaving us wondering does she die or does she recover?

So as it turned out, the author grew pretty tired of the story and scrapped it. Plus, the movies done by Vance Russo didn’t improve the situation at all. Plus, at the end, we were also given the part about Sereno being killed with his entire family on September 11, 2001 and Jacquel doesn’t react to the tragedy with grief, but says the words “good riddance” to Sereno. And as the story closes out, she also says this: “In short, I don’t think Sereno ever regretted abusing me, not would he admit to the crime.

So, maybe now we should quit asking for a “Jacquel’s Russian History” remake, as the story is getting even more depressing than ever. :(