Jacquel Rassenworth and a possible serial ~ by Skyerel (December 3, 2012)

English: One of the stores aimed at fans of th...

English: One of the stores aimed at fans of the Twilight series, Forks, Washington, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I think it’s time that we let the world know who Jacquel Rassenworth really is, even if they think they do already.

This time, Jacquel has stepped out too far, and her father, Nicholas, panics when he sees a fake Facebook post claiming that Jacquel had fallen to her death from the Golden Gate Bridge. But when he notices a very-much-alive Jacquel posting the latest weird video on YouTube, he decides to send her away to stay with her Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Daniel MacKinnon, who live in Forks, Washington.

The exact same town that “Twilight” takes place in.

Jacquel has mixed feelings, as her secret friends Maddy Haroldson, Shara Shinnok, and Scott McAllister are moving away to Fairfield, California, Harrison Creek, Oregon, and Travis Air Force Base at the same time. Plus, she doesn’t want to leave her home and live in a place that she doesn’t know, even if she had seen it in the movies.

So, Jacquel is shipped off to Forks and during that time, her faux boyfriend Sereno Brownstone and his sister, Tammy, are arrested when a boy comes forward and claims that he had been abused by the twins and their friends while he was a student at St. Francis Middle School, the school Jacquel had attended. Plus, there is some damning evidence on one of Jacquel’s computers which suggested that Sereno was involved in the disappearance of another girl as well as child abuse of that girl had forced Nicholas to send Jacquel away.

Jacquel, meanwhile, has to deal with her immature older cousin Jaime, life in a smaller town, and the inherent fear that Sereno could come after her for exposing the truth about him. She slowly adjusts to life in Forks, from attempting to walk in Bella’s footsteps to actually making friends. Life gets even more complicated when several foster children show up at the MacKinnon house and none of them have had the best life that Jacquel had. Also, Jacquel is forced to deal with several issues, ranging from her treatment of people to why she refused to let go of her mother’s death.

And when it comes to vampires, Jacquel notices her Edward Cullen in a boy named David Putnam, but is disappointed to find out that he’s actually gay. She also befriends a boy named Macauley Reynolds, who is the Jacob Black to her Bella Swan. Jacquel meets Brian Matthews, Christopher Vance, and Taylor Cummings, all who have been bullied and abused by Sereno during their time at St. Francis Middle School.

So, as we all ponder this series that is springing about, I have some questions to ask: will Jacquel get her “Twilight” ending? How will she deal with Sereno? Will she see her other friends again? Who knows what will happen with Jacquel Rassenworth.