Jacquel Rassenworth and the Inept Villains she Fights~by StellarGeek

Well, sad to say, we’ve read a lot of good stories about some bad-ass heroes, and yet, we have to put up with their rather stupid rivals. We can’t help but root for the hero and just shake our heads at the bad guy. I mean, the bad guy is so inept that we wonder why they became the bad guy in the first place.

Here’s the list of who’s truly the hero and who’s the dumbass:

Jacquel Rassenworth from “Jacquel’s Russian History (How can we forget about her?)

Jacquel Rassenworth exemplifies everything that is awesome, from her big imagination to her incessant use of Internet memes. Yet for all her greatness, she has to deal with not one, but TWO idiotic villains, namely Sereno and Tammy Brownstone. Not only do these twins like to bully other people for kicks, but they try to kidnap Jacquel on a number of occasions.

Yet Jacquel always beats them no thanks to the power of her imagination. (and you can’t beat people who always use the power of their imagination. Even the movie “Sucker Punch” can attain to that)  And what happens to the inept Sereno and Tammy? They go to the place where other inept characters go…to jail. :)

Well, on the original blog post, we have the tropes of badass hero/inept villain, inept hero/badass villain, and inept hero/inept villain. We’re still waiting for badass hero/badass villain