10 reasons why we shouldn’t give up hope for a Jacquel’s Russian History remake~by Starshelle

We really want to have a remake of “Jacquel’s Russian History“, and the fact that Jacquel Rassenworth has her own blog and other stories being written about her (all which aren’t as good as the original), we have listed the reasons why her story needs a remake:

  1. Jacquel can be reborn as the girl with a big imagination and a love of useless Internet memes.
  2. Jacquel Rassenworth…as her story should have been written is just about the worst idea that was ever created.
  3. Jacquel living in Forks and having a Twilight-like story is a rip-off of Life, Sin, & Blood.
  4. Jacquel Rassenworth Reborn is just a pathetic waste of paper.
  5. Jacquel’s depression is not “fake“, as implied by various blog posts.
  6. We really want to see Jacquel actually defeat Sereno rather than use the September 11 2001 attacks as a cop-out plot device.
  7. A remake of the story is long overdue.
  8. We want a tough Jacquel, not a weepy hose-pipe Jacquel.
  9. What if the year 2013 is the year that Jacquel Rassenworth FINALLY gets a decently-written story?
  10. To be honest, we’re tired of the fan fictions and crossovers with Jacquel Rassenworth in them.

Bonus: We hardly get to see the Romanov family, and to be honest, maybe Jacquel should study Russian History instead of the lame plot of her actually “meeting” them.

So there you have it. Hopefully, someone will pick up this story and write it.

Jacquel Says: First off, this article is stupid and stuff. Did the person who wrote it actually read “Jacquel’s Russian History” at all? Here’s my take on the list:

  1. Ok, so I’m hopelessly addicted to useless Internet memes and have an overactive imagination. Big deal!
  2. This story is already in the works, and yet, they call it stupid. THEY are the ones who are stupid, not the story!
  3. What is “Life, Sin, & Blood” about? I don’t know, as I haven’t read that book.
  4. To be honest, has anyone actually read this book?
  5. You people don’t know anything about depression!! Depression is a real disease that can result in suicide or worse. You people need to find someone who is dealing with depression and THEN come back and tell me what you think.
  6. The September 11 2001 attacks was NOT a cop-out plot device; in fact, it is one of the biggest national tragedies to date. How can you call the needless deaths of hundreds of innocent people a cop-out plot device? You are some of the most insensitive people on the face of the earth! (to be honest, I really don’t want to deal with Sereno in real life; I prefer to do that using my imagination.)
  7. If you wanted to remake the story, you would have done it by now. (plus the NaNoWriMo Novel “Magical Compositions” sucks!)
  8. So, you’ve taken to calling me a weepy hosepipe? Well, bub, I have news for you: I AM NOT ALWAYS DEPRESSED AND WEEPY!!!!! In fact, there are times in the story where I’m completely fine and everything is going OK. So why is everyone implying that my depression is fake and I’m a weak spineless crying fool?
  9. 2013??? Are you out of your minds??? The year 2013 is the year that Jacquel Rassenworth FINALLY gets a decently-written story? Who says that this year I’ll get a good story? BTW, whatever happened to 2002-2012?
  10. What’s wrong with me being in various other stories? That’s what I live for. (that, and some useless Internet memes) Plus, I just so happen to be a huge fan of Harry Potter, Twilight, Charlie Bone, Percy Jackson & the Olympians and Pretty Little Liars. Now you know.

As for the bonus, I can’t seem to sit still and read a book WITHOUT imagining myself in the story. Also, why would you want me to forget about the Romanovs, anyway?

In my opinion, “Jacquel’s Russian History” doesn’t need a remake. In fact, it really needs a different title and new storyline. Now, do you understand my meaning?