Jacquel Rassenworth on “Jacquel Rassenworth…as her story should have been written”

This is nothing more than a huge pile of crap. I can’t believe that some dumb person would write this crap. I live solely in my own imaginary world? Come on! What is the matter with this story?

Plus, I don’t just hang out with the school’s outcasts; in fact, I have normal friends as well. I think the story is deliberately ignoring that on purpose.

Also, I’m getting sick and tired of people taking Sereno’s character and twisting it to make him look like some kind of evil bully who isolates me from everyone I know. And I’m especially disgusted with the plotline about him and Tammy going around abusing random students and forcing them to lie about the abuse. To me, that’s nothing but a cheap plot device that is going to backfire someday.

Well, I read on and find out that I play detective, uncovering a child abuse ring that is headed by none other than Sereno and Tammy. I also meet Gordon, who takes me form San Francisco and ditches me in Olympia, Washington, where I end up at some home for troubled kids.

I regret to inform you all that I can no longer talk about this story, as it is making me sick to my stomach. But I will say that no matter how many times they try to revamp my story, it’s always going to be dumber than the original.

That is all.