Jacquel Rassenworth on the movie “Beautiful Creatures”

Cover of "Beautiful Creatures"

Cover of Beautiful Creatures

OMG!!! I just got back from seeing the movieBeautiful Creatures” and to be honest, I thought I would hate it because it looked like a Twilight ripoff. Boy, was I wrong!

The day went as follows: first, Maddy and Shara came to see me, and we all went to the movies. Maddy is dealing with some dumbass who insists on making life difficult for her became her mother is black and her father is white. Why do people have to be such idiots over who marries who? I already don’t like the whole gay marriage debacle, so why should we be tossing race into the mix?

And as for Shar, she tells me that her new friends are being taunted by some sick person who claims to have stolen their friend and  leaving cryptic messages all over the place. I mean, did this person take their cues from “Pretty Little Liars” or something like that? This is why kids can’t trust adults today. Where are the adults who could be stopping this stranger from hurting those kids?

Anyway, long story short, we get to the theater and there were these dumbassed kids wearing Harry Potter costumes blocking the entryway to the theater. I mean, hello, the Harry Potter movies have ended about two years ago! It should just fade away. After about 45 minutes of the cops showing up and dispersing them, we finally get into the theaters.

Here’s my opinion of the movie:

Although it appeared to be a Twilight lookalike, the story was great. I don’t believe that I could have enjoyed the movie, not since part 2 of Breaking Dawn. (Plus, I’m still trying to get over Alice’s fake vision of the battle. How dare she kill off my favorite characters!)

Plus, it was enough to wash the ickiness of “Warm Bodies” from my head.

Anyway, I suggest that you take your Twilight-loving friends out to see this movie. (Also great if you yourself love Twilight as well) But if you hate Twilight or know someone who hates Twilight, don’t bother.

I’m going to have to log off now, as Maddy and Shara are getting suspicious of my blogging activities. See you soon! (And if you have already seen Beautiful Creatures, let me know in a comment)