Jacquel Rassenworth on the Anastasia cartoon

Well, just read it, folks. You’ll get a kick out of this post. My own opinions about the movie will follow soon.

Historical Anachronism

Oh, I love Anastasia.  Yeah, I mean the 1997 version by Don Bluth.  It’s really almost unfair of me to even rip this apart, because OMG EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS INACCURATE.  But it’s so cute, with a gorgeous soundtrack and loveable characters and gahhhhh…how can  you hate it?

Anastasia is based off of one of the biggest royal tragedies of all time, touted as one of the biggest mysteries of the 20th century: the execution of the Romanovs, the ruling family of Imperial Russia, in 1917 after the Bolshevik Revolution.  The emperor, Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra, their five children, and four members of their household were shot to death in the basement of the house they were imprisoned in.  The bodies were dragged into the woods, lit on fire, doused in sulphuric acid, and buried in a mine shaft.

Of course, this is Don Bluth; you’re never…

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