Jacquel Rassenworth on the Oscars

Academy Award Sugar Cookies

Academy Award Sugar Cookies (Photo credit: camknows)

OMG!! I can barely concentrate in class because last night, I was watching the Oscars on TV. The other kids have apparently not been allowed to watch the show because of Seth MacFarlane, who many of their parents don’t like. I’m just glad my uncle and aunt are smart enough to let me make my own choices in watching the Oscars.

Anyway, I’m feeling pissed because of the movie Brave. It didn’t even deserve to win at all. Les Miserables has completely obliterated what little faith I had in musicals, and not even John Travolta, Jennifer Hudson, and Catherine Zeta-Jones could save the presentation.

But what really made me cry was when Barbara Streisand sang “The Way We Were” during the tribute to the stars who died last year. I swore that even Jamie and Malcolm were crying as well, even if Jamie is going to deny it later on.

Plus, Life of Pi winning? I knew that I should have seen the movie with Xavier when I had the chance, but I went and saw Skyfall with Michael instead. I hate myself for not hanging out with X! But I can cheer him up by saying that the movie won four Oscars.

I was pleased to see Adele perform the song Skyfall and she even won an award for that. Maybe Melinda will quit bothering me over my incessant playing of the song on my iPhone. (Maybe I’ll sing the song at the talent show just to spite everyone)

Also, what was up with William Shatner showing up and showcasing all those crappy videos? I’ll have to talk to Shar, Scott, and Maddy about that, since they were all Skyping during the Oscars.

Well, safe to say, though, I think that it was a very good night.

I’ll be talking about the Dummy Awards, in which I’ll be slamming the movies that were apparently crap. Watch for it!