Jacquel Rassenworth on the Second Anniversary of Prince William and Kate’s Wedding

English: Wedding of Prince William of Wales an...

English: Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After an evil man got what he deserved (on earth and in hell), I turned my attention to the wedding of Prince William Wales and Katherine Middleton.

I know that the last time a wedding on this scale occurred in 1981, when William’s own parents Prince Charles Windsor and Lady Diana Spencer got married. No one I knew had been alive during that time, unless they were over the age of 40. The next year, William himself had been born. His brother, Prince Harry, followed and then Charles and Diana divorced in 1993.

And then in 1997, Diana died in a horrific car crash in Paris, France.

But today, both William and Harry have moved on with their lives and reconciled with their father (who I will NEVER forgive for marrying the Rottweiler who destroyed his first marriage). Now that William is a married father-to-be, I think I’ll turn my attention to his younger brother, Harry.

Watch your back, Harry Wales; Jacquel Katherine Nicole Rassenworth is coming after you!