Jacquel Rassenworth on Cinco de Mayo

Français : Poste - États-Unis - Cinco de Mayo

Français : Poste – États-Unis – Cinco de Mayo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago, I ranted on my Tumblr blog that I found out that my mother Katelyn wasn’t Mexican or even Hispanic. I felt betrayed by the people who I trusted and I wanted to wish harm upon her mother.

But that was then, this is now.

Well, before I get started on that subject, I think it’s time for me to step back and plan to stay home today because the Quintillia family won’t be inviting me to this year’s Cinco de Mayo party due to my rant on Tumblr. Well, that’s a disappointment, seeing that Moses is the only one going.

Anyway, I’m going to cut you loose and work our my issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.