Jacquel Rassenworth on the Trololol song

In the year 2010, a song was released on YouTube. The song became known as the Trololol song, as the title of the song was too long and the lyrics were missing.

But the moment the song hit the Internet, the world loved it. In fact, they parodied many famous scenes using the song. (The most memorable video is the video where Saruman taunts the Fellowship, only to be shot by Legolas, who couldn’t stand his singing).

But last year, the man who sang the Trololol song died. His name was Eduard Khil, and he was an opera singer. He will forever be known as the man whose one song brought joy to the Internet.

Which means that June 4 will be forever known as “Trololol Day”.

And in the spirit of that special day, I’ll include the video for you:

Now let us all rise for the International Anthem…