Jacquel Rassenworth on Summer

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate summer. Really hate it. For me, summer was the time of year when my mother was killed in that stupid car accident. Summer was the time when our family was forever torn apart.

In short, summer is here.

So, while you guys are having fun with your family, I’ll be sitting here in the dark, all alone, with no mother to talk to.

And that’s why you shouldn’t text or drink and drive.

More to follow…


One thought on “Jacquel Rassenworth on Summer

  1. Tell me about it… my summer last year sucked some major ass. To others, the month of August means “the month when we go back to school and see all our super cool bestie friends” or “the month when the annual county fair come to town and we flirt with all the boys we know from school”. Nope, to me, the month means sorrow and pain and frustration. It was the month my beloved grandfather was murdered… and it shares the same date as my mother’s birthday. She woke up on her birthday morning only to find out that her father had been murdered… how is that for a birthday surprise.

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