Jacquel Rassenworth on the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s the Fourth of July today, but what are we really celebrating right now? The fact that we treated minorities like they were subhuman, or our own arrogance?

(Shar is getting annoyed at me because I’m exposing some harsh truths about our country. Be right back)

Anyway, we’re going to the big fireworks display in Seattle tonight and I know for sure that it’s going to be crowded, so we will leave at noon.

But what does freedom mean to me, someone who thinks that this country is messed up? I can’t say that I do appreciate it, but why do I seem to recall slavery and the mistreatment of the Indians? Why can’t I just appreciate being an American citizen? I feel that I’m losing faith in our country and myself.

So, what does freedom mean to you?