Jacquel Rassenworth on Labor Day

Well, today is Labor Day, and guess what? I didn’t do anything today.

So if you’re looking to go hang out with me, take a number and get in line, because I’ve got too much on my mind.

First off, how did my first week of school go?


I mean, how many people that I knew since freshman year actually were here? Most of them got busted for something that happened to some kid at some party, and so, only 50 people in my senior class showed up. I have just lost whatever faith that I had left in the future of humanity.

Second, Jaime had to be a complete jackass and make a Facebook profile about me. I had to give him the beating of the century and then get on Mark Zuckerberg‘s case about allowing a Facebook profile about me to exist. It took me all day Saturday to delete that profile and then have Jaime banned from touching my computers ever again.

I wish that throwing people in jail for stupidity was legal; the entire country would be so much better if all stupid people were put in jail and NEVER released.

Also, for the first time in years, dad and I spoke about that incident that got me sent to Forks. I’ll let you all know about how it went when I write the serial next month.

All in all, I feel awful for all the students who will be coming back to school tomorrow and everyone else is going to be treating them like crap for the next few days. On a day that is dedicated to the working man, I’m sure as heck busy coming up with ways to shame everyone who dares to rub me the wrong way, starting with Jaime.

Can someone help me out with this, or will I have to declare World War III on my own cousin?