Where is Jacquel Rassenworth? Surely SHE Can Save this Story! by Fonura

Well, while I’m very flattered at the prospect of me being in the Tyler Potter story, that deal isn’t for me.

Why am I saying this? Here are my reasons:

  1. I don’t do anything having to do with Harry Potter, and I think that the Tyler Potter story is just a harry Potter copycat. You know that.
  2. I don’t change the story around and make it better. I destroy stories. That’s how I operate.
  3. It’s better just to let a story die than to keep it on life support. Life support is very expensive and unless its your parents or relatives and their lives are in danger, don’t use life support to save your stories. Let that story die so that another (and hopefully much better) story can take its place.

I really wish that CVT would shut down the blog and let Tyler Potter die. She has better things to do than to try to save a dying story.

Thank you for your time.