New Page!

Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Isl...

Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Island and Liberty Island, Manhattan, in New York County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone, I urge you all to visit the new page dedicated to the revamped version of my story, Jacquel Rassenworth Reborn. I can promise you that this version won’t suck like the last one.

In fact, this story has me living it up in New York while going to high school. There is no adoptive family storyline or anything having to do with stupid siblings (we should know better than the last time this happened!). Also, I’m not sure when the timeframe of the story is, but it will be BEFORE 9/11. (Sereno and Tammy die on 9/11; can’t change that part of the story around, now can we?)

So, if you have a story and you don’t like where it’s going, just tear down the whole thing and rewrite it. I dare Leslie to shut down this one!

I’m out! (and you’re welcome)

Link to page: