In the Endzone

Kansas State University Marching Band marching...

Kansas State University Marching Band marching on the football field at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, isn’t this nice?

I asked for some fanfiction about me and guess who came through?

Anyway, here you go, everyone! Enjoy!

I, Jacquel Katherine Nicole Rassenworth, am going to tell you a story about what happened at the football game last Friday.

I was one of the “band geeks“, mainly due to the fact that I was recruited to be in the marching band. I assumed that no one would respect us, but it turned out to be the opposite. People respected us enough, but not as much as the football team.

The football team, long misjudged as bullies and jerks, were actually very friendly. Except for the one named Marvin Bates. No one really likes him, and many believed that he needs a visit from the Volturi and their wives and their guards. But we’ll deal with him later.

In have other things to deal with.

There is this guy called David Putnam, who was the waterboy for the football team. (The other waterboy was my idiotic cousin Jamie, but that’s a different story) I could barely talk to the kid without blushing. Who was he and why does he make me feel like this? After all, I had gone through a whole bunch of crap with Sereno Brownstone and I thought that I would swear off boys until I was 18 years old.

But not everyone as excited about David as I was.

For example, I asked around the school and most of the kids I asked said to me, “Don’t even think about trying to be his friend; he’s gay and he hates girls. Plus, he already has a boyfriend, so why don’t you find a normal guy and leave David alone?”

What do they know about David? He’s not gay, and I seriously doubt that he hates girls. I think that it’s the work of Marvin Bates; that guy is like what Sereno was to me. He really needs to go.

I mean it. I am tired of seeing that guy mistreating poor David while demanding his eternal loyalty and friendship. No one, be it student or teacher, was able to reach out to help David or stop Marvin. I knew that the boy was going to die unless he was removed from Marvin’s grasp.

Just then, I remembered what Tanya Shinnok, Shara Shinnok, Maddy Haroldson, and Scott McAllister did to save me from Sereno. The results of these their rescue sent Sereno straight to jail, yet his idiotic twin sister Tammy got me sent to Forks, no thanks to a fake Facebook post.

I knew what I had to do.

My friend Sarah Janssen and I plotted to save David from Marvin and expose Marvin for the bully that he really was.

That was what led to the football game last week against some town in another county. The entire high school marching band was standing at the Endzone, ready to take on Marvin and his gang of bullies. There were actually three other guys standing next to Marvin. This was going to be difficult.

Of course, there are rules for being in the marching band; the first rule is that you DON’T EVER MESS WITH THE PERCUSSION SECTION!!!

Unfortunately for two of Marvin’s gang, they found out the hard way why you don’t mess with the percussion section; me and 15 other students quickly subdued the offending boys and tied them to the bench. They would later face suspension for their part in David’s bullying.

That left Marvin and another boy. The other boy met his Waterloo when the brass section outplayed him. He too would face suspension. He sputtered protests as a teacher led him away from the band.

Now it was us dealing with Marvin; he taunted the woodwind section, which is a very dumb thing to do. You know that if you taunt the band geeks, they will tear you apart. And that’s exactly what they did.

Marvin was tackled by a clarinet player, and the others followed suit. I noticed that David was standing alone, not doing or saying anything as his tormentors were being taken down by the school marching band. He said not a word, but I knew that he was grateful for me for saving him.

But Marvin wasn’t on the football team for nothing, and he snatched the football from a teammate and ran down the field, intending to hit David with it. David knew what was good for him and took off running. We all cheered as David was finally standing up to his tormentor. But for all the fighting, I noticed that we had made a strategical error.

Marvin had scored a touchdown…for the other team.

With that, our school team was very upset. David hid in the bathroom while the school’s security team apprehended Marvin. He would later face expulsion for his behavior. But David was not happy, and I went to find out why.

He said, “I appreciate what you and your friends did for me, but you don’t have to fight my battles. I could have handled them by myself.”

“Are you crazy?” I snapped. “I had the same thing happen to me. Some guy was torturing me and my friends saved me from him. I think that you need help, as you are unhappy with yourself. There are people out there who care about you, and if you just reach out, then you can get the help that you need.”

David nodded as we stood at the Endzone and watched as our team celebrated its victory. The band geeks also celebrated their victory as well; David wasn’t the only one who Marvin had tortured during his years in the educational system. I knew that there were going to be some changes around the school, and the first thing that I will do is to abolish the rumors about David.

But that’s for another story, this one is done.

(I hope that you’ve enjoyed this short and I look forward to sharing more stories with you.)