Jacquel Rassenworth Does Homecoming Week

English: Super Ugg Boots

English: Super Ugg Boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s today’s Homecoming theme…crazy socks!

Which I think is a bad idea, since most of us are breaking out the Ugg boots and you can’t see socks while wearing the Uggs. I wonder who planned this activity.

Also, tonight, Natalie is forcing me to go over to her house just to watch the second episode of Ravenswood. I just hope that the new episode is better than the first.

Now that we’ve gotten to this point in time, I really would like to know who misplaced the MEfiction that was supposed to be on this blog. Plus, I want to kick off the stories that are supposed to be about ME! Wheres MY story???

Anyway, I’ll have more just as soon as I can get away from this Ravenswood obsession. I’m already pissed off about Pretty Little Liars, so why should I want to deal with Ravenswood?