Jacquel Rassenworth on the Kennedy Assassination

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Ov...

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we all know, today is the 50th anniversary of something that I think was horrible and never should have happened in the first place.

I’m talking about the assassination of President Kennedy.

As we all know, John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the U.S.and look where it got him. He had taken a stand for civil rights, founded the U.S. Peace Corps, and (on an even more interesting note) was a huge hit with the ladies (or so, as my grandmother would say, but what did she really know?).

Back to the subject at hand:

President Kennedy and his wife, Jackie (who later became Jackie O) were in Dallas, Texas when some idiot called Lee Harvey Oswald shot him and he died. I wasn’t even born when this happened (as Dad was about 18 months old during that time), and the earliest president I knew was George W. Bush and not Bill Clinton. Anyway, grandma recalled hearing about it on the news and she broke down in tears. Grandpa said that this was one of the few times in his life when he actually cried. Dad was too young to understand what happened.

I’m very sure that they weren’t alone in their grief; in fact, all my relatives recalled their reaction to the news, which mainly consisted of them all grieving for a young man who had so much hope for this country, but was cut down before most of it came into fruition.

We may never fully know what happened to make someone want to kill the president, and we may never know whose idea was it to take him down.

Anyway, classes were canceled and most of us stayed at the school discussing this event. I’m going to have to ask everyone I know around Forks where they were when they received the terrible news.


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