Jacquel Rassenworth on Doctor Who

LEGO Doctor Who (Collection)

LEGO Doctor Who (Collection) (Photo credit: ChocolateFrogs)

Today, I learned that 50 years have passed since the first episode of “Doctor Who” aired on TV.

For starters, I haven’t seen any of the classic Doctor Who episodes, though my dad did years ago, and it wasn’t until 2006 when Maddy and Scott convinced me to watch the show. (It took them a good while to convince Shara, as she doesn’t like to watch TV)

Well, I’m not a TV buff, but I know a good show when I see one.

But for a show that spent 50 on the air when so many other great shows (save for Star Trek) end up falling after a few seasons, I have to wonder what made the show great.

And if you happen to watch Doctor Who, then please comment below with your opinions on the show.

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