Jacquel Rassenworth on Thanksgiving Week

Maine Lobster from Eric

Maine Lobster from Eric (Photo credit: man pikin)

Gobble gobble! It’s Thanksgiving Week and what am I doing? Packing my bags and going off to Maine to visit my unmarried and childless uncle Franklin Rassenworth. I already know that he’s going to be on my case for not having a boyfriend and a baby, but I’m just trying to graduate from high school first.

Plus, Jamie’s kids are being a big pain in the butt right now.

Dad and Matt are also here, which is OK for me. The rest of the family isn’t about to make a trip to some unknown city in Maine just to see a man who isn’t a married dad of three.

Well, Augusta, Maine isn’t as exciting as I thought it was; even Forks was featured in the Twilight Saga. Where are the stories that took place in Maine? Do I have to make those stories up myself?

Who knows, but I’ll be happy to be in San Francisco on Saturday.