Jacquel Rassenworth and Hanukkah

English: Hanukkah menorah, known also as Hanuk...

English: Hanukkah menorah, known also as Hanukiah. Česky: Chanukový svícen chanukija (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Second night of Hanukkah, but we have now left Maine (and Uncle Frank) and are off to New York to do some shopping. I didn’t spend too much money, but I did buy the following books The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monsters, Beautiful Creatures, Warm Bodies, and Catching Fire. I seriously intend to read them all during the flight home.

For the first night of Hanukkah, my aunt Jane handed me the book Divergent, saying that I needed to stop reading brutal adult literature and read what the other teenagers are reading. I know that my collection of books is about to hit the ceiling and I had already given away most of my other books, among them the entire Harry Potter series (I only read 3 out of 7 books, to be honest), but this is ridiculous. Last year, I had to give away my copy of the Inheritance Cycle to my cousin Joe, who I bet is having fun reading those books.

Anyway, today’s gift is thankfully not a book, but something that I got rid of immediately and ended up buying The Perks of Being a Wallflower. You guessed it—its a Miley Cyrus album. If anyone wants anything to do with that selfish witch, there’s a free CD just waiting for you in the trash can at the Hilton Hotel.

But for you, my good and faithful readers, I have another funny video on YouTube that’s just for you…Funny Percy Jackson Pictures