Jacquel Rassenworth’s Holiday Travels

I have never been so furious in my life!

First off, idiotic Jamie sends my flight from Seattle to Sacramento (don’t ask), which meant that I had to take a bus to San Francisco and then take a taxi to get to my house. Plus, once I got home, I had to call dad and tell him that I was forced to go traveling by myself because Uncle Dan told Jamie to book my flight instead of doing it himself. (And yes, I cursed them both out on the phone; looks like Uncle Dan’s mother might have to find herself some new heirs!)

Anyway, I’m still on the phone when cousin Laurette shows up, and I totally let her have it. I yelled at her for making me sick and almost missing the Desolation of Smaug movie premiere at the theaters. I think I made her cry, but I’m not apologizing for anything. She made me sick and I’m not getting over that at all!

Well, dad did take me aside and assure me that Jamie made a mistake by confusing Sacramento for San Francisco, but I told him that I wasn’t buying that lie at all; Jamie’s a fool and he knows it. I so pity his kids.

Anyway, after three and a half hours of being on the road and two hours screaming at everyone, I got sick and dad made me lie down. I know that he’s going to try to sort this mess out, but it’s not going to work.

I’ll be back with more soon.

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