Jacquel Rassenworth on Christmas Eve

traditional Christmas Eve supper in Poland - d...

traditional Christmas Eve supper in Poland – dishes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, now that I’ve calmed down and got over my anti-Jamie rant, I can safely say that dad isn’t too happy about me having to travel from Sacramento to San Francisco by myself. I wonder if my adventures in Forks is going to end because of this incident.

Also, I’m not speaking to Laurette because of me getting the stomach flu and having to miss school, so she’s not getting ANYTHING from me. Plus, I’m giving her gifts to someone else in front of her. That’ll teach her not to t take care of herself and make others sick because of her poor personal hygiene. (I know that Uncle Laurence won’t be too happy with my punishment, but someone needs to tell him that his daughter’s behavior is unacceptable and it will NOT be tolerated by anyone.)

Speaking of which, I think I’ll turn this blog into a book and sell it on Amazon.com. Now that 2013 is winding down, I have a few more things that I want to talk about and some of those things aren’t on my blog. (I’ll get to that eventually!)

Well, I’m going to go get ready to hide in the movie theaters for Christmas, because when Laurette finds out that I gave away her gifts to me (for the seventh year in a row) to some charity, it’s not best for me to take any chances.