Jacquel Rassenworth on After Christmas

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy After Christmas Day, everyone!

Here’s what happened yesterday:

After I pulled the mother of all pranks on Laurette, I escaped to Abuela’s house and spent the rest of the day there helping her set up her computer. I figured that I needed to start out the way, as Laurette wanted to murder me because of my prank and her parents refused to control her. I can’t wait until I go to college next year and can get away from the family for a while.

Also, I saw the Doctor Who Christmas Special and I’m very sad to see Matt Smith go. I really liked him as the Doctor.

Anyway, dad’s coming to get me so we can do some make-up shopping (because after the prank, dad had to hide all my Christmas presents so that no one can get their hands on them) and then go to the movies with Maddy and Shara. Can’t believe they went to see 47 Ronan without me!

Well, I’m out.