Jacquel Rassenworth on Ariel Sharon

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just so you know, I happen to have scores of relatives who live in Israel. Most of them live in Jerusalem. My dad was born in Israel, but I was born in San Francisco.

There you have it.

Anyway, my uncle Alexander Rassenworth sent out a huge post on Facebook announcing the death of Ariel Sharon, who was president of Israel. As we all know, he had had a stroke in 2006 and dropped off the face of the earth. I guess he felt that he had a good life.

And he was known as a tough guy who didn’t stand for any nonsense and tried to build up his country in the face of adversity.

So, fellow readers, please join the millions of people living in Israel who are mourning the death of a great leader. We’ll never see the likes of him again.

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