Jacquel Rassenworth on Martin Luther King Jr

English: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s signature.

English: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s signature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, I really hate to stay at home, since I missed the end of December due to a bad case of the stomach flu (thanks a lot, Laurette!), but by far, today is an important day

I have already written a post on Dr. King before, so it doesn’t make sense to repeat myself. I will, however, say that Dr. King believed that all Americans deserved their civil rights no matter who they were, and he spent his life fighting for those rights.

This is why we have too many issues with who deserves what rights today.

With so many American heroes out there, I am shocked that only three Americans get a special day devoted to them. Now you know.

I’m off to teach Laurette a lesson about showing some consideration for people other than herself.

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