Jacquel Rassenworth’s Second Open Letter to Aria Montgomery

PNG: Pretty Liars

PNG: Pretty Liars (Photo credit: PNG’s e etc…)

Original letter can be read here.

OK, so you’re heartbroken. I understand. I’ve been in your shoes when it comes to men and I know what it’s like to be stabbed in the back.

Ezra Fitz is nothing but a liar.

You loved him, I know you did. Your feelings for him were true. But he used you for some kind of research? Well, that sucks. Never thought a man would sink this low.

So now you should do what I did; badmouth the dude on Facebook to the extreme. Post ranting videos on YouTube. Damage his credibility and reputation so that he’ll never be able to recover. That’s what I did to Sereno, and he’s now serving a life sentence in jail because of me.

Be strong, Aria, and don’t give up! You can find love again. Just rely on your friends and you’ll get there someday.

Yours for the lying,

Jacquel Rassenworth

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