Jacquel Rassenworth Gets All the “A”nswers

Pretty Little Liars (TV series)

Pretty Little Liars (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, this is Jacquel’s friend Maddy Haroldson, and I’m blogging in her place, since she’s not going to be here to talk about the Pretty Little Liars finale.

Anyway, I saw the episode and I have to say that I’m even more confused as ever. I mean, why on earth would Ali’s mom bury her alive? What mother does that to her own kid? Let’s get real here, parents.

Also, we finally get to see part of what happened the night that Ali vanished, and all I have to say is that Mona is going the right way for a total smackdown with Ali. I mean, she runs Hanna over with her car. For someone who’s supposed to be “tight” with Hanna, I don’t think that she’s a good friend.

Plus, she’s still “A“. There’s no doubt about that.

Also, why did they have to shoot Ezra??? That was so unexpected!!! Let the guy live and redeem himself. Honestly, he really needs to stay away from teenaged girls. Aren’t Ali and Aria enough???

Well, if I were Jacquel, I would have given up on the show a long time ago. But that’s her opinion. I myself stopped watching it after Season 3 ended.

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