Jacquel Rassenworth on David Letterman

English: David Letterman hosting President Bar...

English: David Letterman hosting President Barack Obama at Late Show with David Letterman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night, Scott emailed me with a message that David Letterman is retiring from his show in 2015.

As we all know, David letterman runs a show called Late Night With David Letterman, and I recall dad watching the show during the times that I was supposed to be in bed. Only God knows why I started repeating jokes that I had heard him say on TV. (And the times when Sereno and Tammy yelled at me for repeating those jokes has gone through the roof.)

Anyway, since David is retiring, I think I might be able to replace him. I mean, I’m funny, I can do Top 10 lists, and I can even call out certain people on their bad behavior if I need to. (He did that to John McCain in 2008, which was why McCain lost the election)

That’s all, everyone! Until next time…