Jacquel Rassenworth on D-Day


D-DAY IMAGE … (Photo credit: mrbill78636)

It’s now 70 years to the day that the Allies showed up at Normandy, France and told Nazi Germany that they had outstayed their welcome.

Grandfather Coulter was among those who landed on the beaches and from what he told us today, it was nothing more than chaos out there as they struggled to put down one of the most disgusting cults in the world and restore Germany to its true self.

After Normandy, France quickly fell and the citizens living there were liberated. Then it was on to Germany, where Adolf Hitler took his own life and Germany surrendered.

70 years to the day that 22-year-old Staff Sargent Albert Coulter dragged himself across France, here I am talking about it.

There’s history for you, kids!

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