Jacquel Rassenworth on The Fault in Our Stars

OK, so while Shar is off on her school-sanctioned “Last Night Out“, Shirley and I ended up in theaters to watch the movieThe Fault in Our Stars. And let me tell you, if this movie didn’t make you cry, then you should probably go away and cease to exist.

To be honest, I have never heard of the book at all, until Sarah mentioned that she was reading it back in February. I usually don’t read realistic fiction, as that tends to touch on subjects that I don’t want to deal with, such as bullying, peer pressure, and even cancer.

In short, you can’t make me read anything!!!

But the movie was just flat-out sad and I’m not too big on sad movies. I can’t help but wonder about the next generation of YA readers and the things that they will be reading.

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