Jacquel Rassenworth on The Final Week in Forks

English: One of the stores aimed at fans of th...

English: One of the stores aimed at fans of the Twilight series, Forks, Washington, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the title implies, this is my final week in Forks, Washington. Next week, I’ll be moving away and heading off to college in Fresno, California. It’s going to be super hard to leave behind everyone I knew and to even leave Twilight City (since this was the city where the Twilight Saga takes place).

For the rest of the week, it’ll be graduation exercises and packing up, since I won’t be coming back to Forks for a long time. I have some stuff to sell/give away as well as deciding what to keep or throw away.

But I’m not going to burden you with those mundane details.

Anyway, I hope to have my adventures in Forks ready to read in book form soon.