Jacquel Rassenworth’s New Role in “The Beginning of the End”

Can you believe that I’m now in a book?

The book I’m in is called “The Beginning of the End (Book 2 of the Green Hill Manor Mystery Series)” and as such, the story is really about a group of kids who are forced to deal with the disappearance of their best friend and ringleader, who many people dislike for a variety of (false) reasons. Also, some kids exist mainly to make the lives of the other kids extremely miserable just because they refused to bully the missing girl.

But that’s not why I’m here.

I’m here to say that I got to hang out with Shar for a good while while scaring off any bullies and/or unwanted guests. Plus, I got to see her stand up to a couple of rich mean girls and even put her uncle in his place.

Way to go, Shar!

Well, I’m off, but you’ll be seeing plenty of me in later parts of the story.