Jacquel Rassenworth on the 100th Episode of “Pretty Little Liars”


Last night’s viewing of Pretty Little Liars has apparently left me wanting more. But it’s not enough to talk about it; the story hasn’t ended yet.

Not when “A” has reared its ugly head and plans to torment the girls a second time.

At this point in time, I’m beginning to wonder when the show is going to end. I mean, the show was mediocre when it began, but now, it’s just downright silly. Why can’t they just end the show this season and be done with it? We’ve already gotten what we want from the show, so can’t we just take it and be happy with it?

Well, let’s just say that I’m done watching this show and until I know for sure that the fifth season will be the last, I’m not going to bother with Pretty Little Liars anymore.

Now you know.