Jacquel Rassenworth Presents The Stale Grapes Network

Yesterday, I made a shockingly unexpected appearance in Claire Violet Thorpe’s novel in progress, “The Beginning of the End“, and here’s what I have done:

It was too bad that the confession ended up on Jacquel Rassenworth’s fake news website, The Stale Grapes Network, under the title “City of Harrison Creek, Oregon has an imaginary friend”: The city of Harrison Creek, which claimed that a 15-year-old girl named Tanya Shinnok had disappeared from her home earlier this summer, was discovered to have fooled the entire country, as an investigation prompted by the F.B.I. revealed that there was no such person named Tanya Shinnok living in the city. I can only laugh as scores of Americans (who were worried about the fate of the missing girl) were fooled into thinking that this Tanya person really existed.

How do I know that Tanya isn’t real?

There appear to be no records of her attending Harrison Creek Elementary School or Harrison Creek Middle School. Two, there was no marriage between her parents, Raven Shinnok and Lucy Dengonatti, as Lucy Dengonatti doesn’t even exist. Third, there is a little girl named Tamara Shinnok, who is the daughter of Raven and Lila Sinclair, who no one has seen or heard from since the Nicholas Hammond Incident eight years ago. Could it be that the fake Tanya Shinnok is the missing Tamara Shinnok?

Will the real Tanya Shinnok please come forward so that we can ask her what the heck she was doing in the city to begin with?

Well, don’t get your hopes up, folks. It’s not gonna happen. Not as far as Tamara is concerned.

I’m Jacquel Rassenworth telling everyone living in Harrison Creek to go shoot themselves.

Well, now you know.

Thanks to me exposing the truth about Tanya, now scores of people hate me for no reason at all, except to hate me. What do you expect? Me to twist up the truth to your own standards? I don’t think so! Of course people in Harrison Creek are going to hate me for exposing a harsh truth about them, but what can I do but break the spirits of people everywhere by force-feeding them stale grapes?

Hence, I shall now create “The Stale Grapes Network“, which will be a news site dedicated to me exposing the truth behind the many lies that are being thrown to the media. Watch carefully, as you’ll never know what truth I might expose next!