Stale Grapes News Post #5

Sour Grapes (film)

Sour Grapes (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, and once again welcome to another segment of the Stale Grapes News Network, the site where fake news blog posts could be real news that is being hidden by today’s mainstream media. Now for some more fake news, courtesy of me:

Movie Review: “World of Shadow” Isn’t Worth Watching Unless You are a fan of Science Fiction

[Hayward, Missouri] The movie “World of Shadow” opened in United States theaters on August 27 , 2014 to rave reviews. Yet in the city of Hayward, Missouri, the movie has gotten some very dismal reviews, ranging from “this movie sucks” to “why would you want to waste your money on this crap”. The movie, which is based on the book “Island’s Fate” by Y. S. Barrera, centers on the character Rowan Hardett as he explores the country of Urmany and inadvertently gets involved with the intrigues of the court of King Villequin the Corrupt.

“It’s not right to subject our citizens to this kind of filth,” says local movie blogger Kassia Moss. “In fact, I think it would have been better had the movie been released on DVD.  The stuff that is in this film is mainly for those who like science fiction and fantasy, not people like us who want more comedy and action and less family-friendly movies.”

James Balderson, the director of the movie in question, could not be reached in time for comment.


Amanda Holston Apologizes for Wearing an anti-Christian shirt on local talk show

[Fayetteville, Washington] – Actress Amanda Holston of the hit TV show “Holiday City” was criticized by the National Association of Christians for wearing anti-Christian charge while on the local talk show with host Karl Tirrell. A person watching a shelf notice the offending clothing and notified the association, who is currently calling for Miss Halston to apologize for wearing the shirt in question, claiming that the shirt has offendid over 1.8 million people living in the area. 

“That shirt is sad and disgusting,” says Edna Sneed, who is a parishioner of Ridgeland Baptist Church. “It is very sad when a celebrity chooses to wear something that offends God and the people who follow Him. I surely hope that she issues an apology and repents this terrible sin.”

Miss Halston herself has issued an apology on her Facebook profile, which reads, “I am sorry if I have offendid you with my choice of clothing. I had no idea that this shirt would upset you and I am sorry for wearing it.”  Yet, the National Association of Christians does not believe that her apology is enough, and they are asking Pinnacle Productions to suspend her for the next six months without pay. Ted McKinney, the CEO of Pinnacle Productions (distributor of Holiday City), has not yet commented on the story.

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And that’s all that I have for this week. Stay tuned for more shockingly fake but possibly true news from the Stale Grapes News Network.