Stale Grapes Network presents “Why is John Lennon still a thing?”

English: John Lennon rehearses Give Peace A Ch...

English: John Lennon rehearses Give Peace A Chance by Roy Kerwood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of the Stale Grapes News. Today’s topic in question deals with John Lennon, who continues to be significantly important even though he has been that of the last 34 years. And the question is this:

How is John Lennon a thing to begin with?

Here’s how it’s all started: in the year 1964, four young men from Liverpool, England showed up in America and amazed the crowds with their amazing music.  They were known as the Beatles.  John Lennon, along with George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, spent most of the sixties performing music as the Beatles. But in the 1970’s, the Beatles broke apart, with each of them doing their own thing.  John Lennon continued to make music, producing some of the most famous songs that are still being heard today, such as “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance“.

But on this date in 1980, John Lennon was shot to death by a man who was mentally deranged. His death shocked the world, as he have become one of most famous celebrities in the world.

So how did that come about?

I’m glad you asked, because when I was a kid, my mother would not allow me to listen to most of the music of the nineties; she believes that those songs that not having the point and, in that most of them seemed very stupid. Yet, she made me listen to the songs she grew up on, such as the Beatles. I can still remember her playing the song “Imagine” over 100 times an hour one day. Plus, dad had told me about when he learned about Lennon’s death while watching football with his family that day. I’m sure that many of you who are in your forties and fifties and above could still remember that sad day.

So, why honor John Lennon?

He was not only one of the Beatles, but he believed that peace deserve a chance.  Plus, his death sparked a huge outpouring of grief, a grief that would take many years to subside. He also left behind a huge legacy; a legacy that is still there today.

So, should he still be a thing?

I say, yes he should. We need more people like John Lennon and less people like Miley Cyrus in this world.

In conclusion, do YOU think that John Lennon should still be a thing? Please let me know in the comments.