Stale Grapes News presents “Why is Elvis Presley Still a Thing?”

Promotional photograph of Elvis Presley, taken...

Promotional photograph of Elvis Presley, taken in 1954. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we go, everyone!

The Stale Grapes Network is presenting for your enjoyment this little essay called “How Is Elvis Presley Still a Thing?”

And here’s my answer to the question:

It’s the 1950s and people everywhere were clamoring for the next big musician. They found a man named Elvis Presley, who hailed from Tennessee. He showed up and shook up the music world with his songs and unusual dance moves.

I will not say if anyone in my family was a fan of Elvis at all, as they weren’t too impressed with his music or dance moves.

And I’ll get back to you on the rumors of him dying on the toilet later.

So, should Elvis still be a thing? The jury is out on this one.