Stale Grapes Network presents Black Women and the Right to Vote

Hello, my fellow bloggers. Your wonderful friend Maddy is back and I have a story for you all. You will be shocked by this one, so hold onto your seats.

When black men were given the right to vote in the 1860s, black women were excluded. Sadly though, black women did not have the same basic rights, just as white women weren’t given the same basic rights.

In those days a woman’s job ways to keep the house and mind the children. Very few women were able to seek work outside the house. But when the 1850s occurred and women began the campaign for the right to vote, black women formed groups and they too campaigned for their right to vote. After all, it did seem unfair that black men were allowed to vote and black women were excluded.

Black women did not have it easy, seeing as most of the suffragettes were racist against them and were doing whatever it took to get them to not vote, either by intimidation or outright banning all meetings between black women.

In the year 1920, however, women were finally given the right to vote but yet black women would have to continue the fight for the right to vote until the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, in which all United States citizens were given the right to vote.

So now you know. Tomorrow’s blog post will deal with a shocking tragedy and the fallout that resulted from said tragedy.