Stale Grapes News Presents Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live (season 36)

Saturday Night Live (season 36) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone, your favorite blogger Maddie has showed up on this wonderful Valentine’s Day to give you the history of a little show called Saturday Night Live.

It all began one night in the year 1975, when talk show host Johnny Carson decided to pull the plug on the reruns on his show. This move had the executives at NBC scrambling to create something new for viewers to watch, as most people did not watch TV during the late hours (also known as the graveyard hours). Lorne Michaels was asked to do a show the feature sketch comedy that poked fun at everything that was occurring during the seventies, and before you know it Saturday Night Live have been created.

The show debuted on October 11, 1975 and it became an instant hit, turning the original cast members into a big-time TV stars. Yet, in the year 1980, Lorne Michaels decided to put the show on hiatus while he recovered from the first five years of producing the show. That move nearly killed Saturday Night Live for good. That was, until Dick Ebersol hired an up-and-coming comedian named Eddie Murphy to headline SNL, thus saving the show from cancellation. Eddie Murphy left the show 1984 as his movie career with taking off.

During the rest of the decade and straight into the nineties, SNL alternated between success and threatened cancellations. And yet, the show also produced scores of famous stars that you know today.

Even today, the show continues to remain popular with people who starred on the show who went on to have being successful movie careers; some of the writers who went on to write for television, and issues that may never had gained notice being exploited all in the name of sketch comedy.

Of course, I would love to continue this post, but then Jacquel will probably be annoyed with me if I take over her spot. So I will have to leave it here and I will see you watching the Saturday Night Live special tonight.