Stale Grapes News Presents “Why is Earth Day still a thing?”

Here we go, everyone!

The Stale Grapes Network is presenting for your enjoyment this little essay called “Why is Earth Day still a thing?”

And here’s my answer to the question:

For starters, Earth Day was created in the nineteen-seventies (why are all the good things created in the 1970s?) as a way to change how people feel about the earth. The good news, though, is that because of Earth Day we have now a greater appreciation of our environment.

Either that or maybe it’s that nagging feeling that people have in their heads that they need to learn all pick up their trash, recycle, stop polluting, and quit wasting energy. That means get off that damn computer and get outside and enjoy nature, you self-dubbed “shut-in”! God didn’t create the earth just so you can turn your back on it and not even want to be in it. The world has no room in it for people like you.

So, should Earth Day still be a thing?

I say, yes it should. The time is now to clean up our act and to go back to the way our ancestors lived before technology came and took over.

In conclusion, do YOU think that Earth Day should still be a thing? Please let me know in the comments.