Oakland’s First All-Black, All-Harley Biker Club | Mental Floss

via Oakland’s First All-Black, All-Harley Biker Club | Mental Floss.

I have Maddy to thank for finding this article and passing it on to me. (she really does have a knack for finding stuff like this) I didn’t have much of an idea about bikers until I read this article and now I know.

(Of course, Maddy’s looking over my shoulder and shell kill me if I don’t hurry up and review this essay.)

The article was interesting enough, as I have never heard of the East Bay Dragons until Maddy emailed me that article about them. Basically, they group of bikers formed during the 1950s and they didn’t care about what anyone had to say. The group was also known for its charitable services to the the city of Oakland. The East Bay Dragons still exist today.

So now you know. (OK, Mads, I’m done now! Happy?)